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your funeral your way

Prepaying your farewell is a safe, proactive, and cost-effective way to ensure a custom farewell.
It alleviates your family of the emotional and financial burden of planning your farewell,
while giving you control over all the essential choices.

With Olsens Farewells prepaid options, you can work with our skilled advisers to plan a personalised
farewell based on your unique vision.

Besides reducing the strain on your loved ones, our prepaid offering has many financial benefits such as fixed price, maximisation of pension entitlements and capped costs.

Your farewell, your way, with an Olsens prepaid funeral          


Unlike the traditional prepaid funeral, we created personalised prepaid funerals that simplify the farewell process and give you the funeral you want at a comfortable price.

We specialise in helping our community pre-plan and prepay for their personalised funeral, whether it be a simple one or something more.

Talk to our team to find out more.

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With Olsens, we’re with you every step of the way

Unlike a traditional prepaid funeral, Olsens prepaid funerals have been created to simplify the farewell process by giving you the funeral you want at the price point you are most comfortable with.

Your funeral, your way

Personalise your farewell with our team, including the type of funeral you want, preferred Olsens venue and pricing.

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We’ll come to collect you

When the time comes, a member of our team will come to collect you from your place of passing and take you to our peaceful Sutherland location.

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You’ll stay in our care, always

From the moment we collect you, your remains stay in our care at all times; no aspect of the process is outsourced.

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We’ll honour your arrangements

Our expert arrangers will follow your wishes for your funeral, from the flowers to the music choices, and your funeral will tell the story you wanted.

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Ongoing support for your family

We’re part of the community and care about your broader family’s welfare. We offer access to ongoing support and counselling as part of our service.

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Founded on providing the best service for those we serve, Olsens Farewells offer prepaid funerals for our community.

Olsens prepaid funerals let you preplan your funeral, your way.

Prepaid vs Funeral Insurance

There is much commentary, myths and misinformation about comparisons between Prepaid Funerals and Funeral Insurance. Following is a comparison to help you determine the best possible option for you.

Pre-paid Funerals
Funeral Insurance
Pre-paid Funerals Provides for the full funeral costs regardless of the date of death
Funeral Insurance More expensive for older people and premiums can often exceed the benefit due
Pre-paid Funerals Locks in the cost of the funeral at today’s prices
Funeral Insurance You must select the sum insured which may or may not be sufficient to cover future funeral costs
Pre-paid Funerals You can choose the type of funeral you want
Funeral Insurance Your family will still have to handle all the funeral arrangements
Pre-paid Funerals Pay upfront or by instalments
Funeral Insurance No benefits received if payment of premiums cease or are not up to date
Pre-paid Funerals May help maximise any government pensions or allowance entitlements
Funeral Insurance May not maximise pension or social security benefits.