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Losing a loved one is a difficult and emotional experience, and often what is felt is enough
to challenge even the strongest people.

At Olsens Farewells, we understand this and pride ourselves on creating new and unique ways to honour the life of your loved one by taking the time to work with you and together, creating a farewell that
is authentically tailored to tell their story.


Caring for you

Olsens Farewells has a commitment to caring for you, your family and your loved one at every stage of the farewell process, something which differentiates us – it is the Olsens experience.

From our long-standing commitment to the communities we serve, we recognise the need for personal service that ensures you are fully supported at every stage, so you can focus on your grieving.

Thanks to our decades-long heritage, we have rich experience taking a truly tailored approach to farewells often creating new and different ways to design farewells as unique as your loved one – be it religious, formal or a more personalised farewell.

Your farewell, your way, with an Olsens prepaid funeral 

Unlike the traditional prepaid funeral, we created personalised prepaid funerals that simplify the farewell process and give you the funeral you want at a comfortable price.

We specialise in helping our community pre-plan and prepay for their personalised funeral, whether it be a simple one or something more.

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At Olsens Farewells, we believe in honouring lives through heartfelt and memorable services.
Throughout the year, we hold various memorial events across the Sutherland Shire, bringing
communities together to celebrate and remember those we’ve lost.

Visit our events page and stay updated on upcoming memorial services. Join us as we create
meaningful moments and lasting memories.

Right Farewell

Deciding on the right farewell

At Olsens Farewells, we understand the individuality of each person and that just as every person is unique, so too is the right way to farewell them.

As such we acknowledge the importance of offering a fully customisable farewell that is not restricted in the style of ceremony or location.

Our team is experienced in providing a wide range of tailored services at the best possible location that reflects the life of your loved one. Together, we can continue their story.

We plan farewells that are personal and authentic, be it a burial or cremation, coupled with everything from a religious service through to a special location farewell reflecting the character or even cultural heritage of your loved one.

We also enable you to say goodbye in any venue or place of your choosing. Whether it’s a traditional chapel, the local golf club, or even surf club. We work with you to find the right setting for the occasion.

If you are looking for a truly tailored experience backed by personalised service, we have the experience to help – and will be there for you every
step of the way.

Flowers By Olsens

Flowers by Olsens

Flowers are a special way to illustrate your loved one’s unique personality, and our on-site flower boutique connected to our Sutherland venue makes it easy for you to choose the blooms you want with expert guidance at hand.
Live Streaming

Live Streaming by Olsens

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way funerals operate, and we are pleased to offer free full live streamed services to ensure everyone can say a final farewell to their loved one – irrespective of where they are right now

Support by Olsens

The grieving process can be difficult to navigate as we all process loss differently. At Olsens we have experienced in-house team members available to provide support in addition to an agreement with third party professional counsellors for free, added grief support. Our door is open, we’re here to help.
Teardrop Services

Teardrop Service by Olsens

The loss of a baby is something no parent can ever be prepared for, and for this reason we offer a tailored serviced dedicated to help you and your family navigate this awful time and commemorate the loss of your baby.

Why should I consider a funeral?

No matter what the ritual, funerals are a way of saying goodbye to someone we have loved. They are a public, symbolic means of expressing our grief, acknowledging the reality of death, and mutually supporting each other. To find out more, visit our resources hub for more information.

We promise to support you through one of the most challenging times of your life – we will always be there, 24/7 as a shoulder to cry on or person to just listen.

Our mission is to create a personalised farewell as unique as your loved one while ensuring the utmost support for you in the planning process in an environment that is inclusive, transparent, and caring.

We pride ourselves on providing compassionate understanding, respect, and support to all the families we serve. For this reason, we’ve established the Olsens Farewells Service Charter, as a continued promise to our community to maintain the level of service to which you have come to expect from us.

For over 75 years, we’ve continued to evolve to meet our community’s ever-changing needs, and this service charter is our promise to continue to provide this level of service for many more years to come.

Our Promise

Personal service with a promise

Olsens Farewells has not only built its business on the personal assistance it offers, but its commitment to high quality, professional and transparent service in every interaction.

We are committed to providing fully transparent pricing, designed to have zero hidden charges after a quote has been provided by one of our experienced arrangers.

Prepaid funerals: What are the emotional and financial benefits?

There are many positives from pre-planning your farewell with Olsens, both for you now and your family later.

For instance, by paying in advance – either as a lump sum or in parts – you can craft the farewell of your choice while also maximising your pension entitlements and securing the cost of your farewell at today’s prices.

Pre-paid funerals can also remove the financial and additional emotional burden from your loved ones
as they come to terms with their loss.